Bigman Industries

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Diamond Gear Please look at Inventory for details,

Mossy Stone Brick

Cracked Stone Brick

Coming Soon,
Stone Bricks
Be on the look out on the inventory page!  :)

Hello Everyone Welcome to Bigman Industries, 
Where we try and provide the best items in Empire Minecraft, and of course the best prices. 

Our Store Address: SMP 8  16046

Currently we are Buying and selling Items, Please check out our Inventory Page to see what we have in stock.

Also If you have items to sell contact bigmananto on the Empire Minecraft Forums 

Also if you would like to buy bulk contact bigmananto on the Empire Minecraft Forums 

We are Currently buying,cobblestone, any type of Wood please check our: Currently Buying Page 

Thank you for stopping by
-Bigmananto, CEO of Bigman Industries