Bigman Industries

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Diamond Chestplate

5 in stock, 320R Each

Diamond Helmet 

8 in stock, 200R Each

Diamond Boots

2 in stock, 160R Each

Diamond Leggings

6 in stock, 280R Each


Diamond Shovel

3 in stock, 40R Each

Mossy Stone Brick

Only 64, 64 for 640R

Cracked Stone Brick

Only 64, 64 for 640R


162 Stacks in Stock 

32 for 18R

Dark Oak Log

54 Stacks in Stock

64 for 140R


50 in Stock 

1 For 150R

Diamond Pickaxe

54 In Stock

1 For 135R

Potion of Swiftness 8 min.

270 In Stock

1 For 30R

Sugar Cane 

Coming Soon